Lies My Parents Told Me

… and when I say ‘lies’ what I actually mean is superstitions and other oddities. Also, seeing as my mother, odd person that she is, isn’t very superstitious, when I say ‘parents’ I also mean friends and a random person or two.

  1. Never give a bouquet with an even number of flowers, those are reserved for graves and giving them to a living person implies you want them dead. This is only true for bouquets of 10 flowers or less, so a dozen roses is still okay.
  2. Never whistle inside the house, you’ll whistle all your money away.
  3. Don’t kill spiders, it’s bad luck.
  4. If you wear your shirt inside out you’ll be beaten (physically, not in a game).
  5. If someone doesn’t recognize you, you will be rich (does it cancel out the whistling, then?).
  6. If you drop cutlery on the floor, the gender of the particular item (in Russian/Hebrew it exists) indicates the gender of a person that’s currently hurrying to get to your house.
  7. Don’t sleep through the sunset, you’ll get a headache.
  8. Don’t leave shoes lying around upside down, it’s an omen for dead people (this one I learned in the army from my commanding officer).
  9. If going with a friend, don’t pass a tree from opposite sides – you will end up fighting (with the friend, not with the tree).
  10. If you accidentally step on someone, you must have them step back on you in order to prevent bad things from happening (am unclear what those ‘bad things’ are).

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