Double Standards

Imagine a Palestinian family of eight – mother, father and six children – two girls and four boys. They are at their home in the village, all asleep, except the oldest girl (12) who is out with some friends. Someone, perhaps it’s some Israeli soldiers gone rogue or some settlers gone wild, sneaks into the village, into their home through one of the windows, and stabs the parents and three of the children, two boys and a 3-month-old baby girl, to death. The other boys are saved, hidden away in a different room. The attackers, these terrorists, sneak out as quietly as they got in.

The oldest girl comes back home to find her little brother sitting in a pool of blood by her father, trying to wake him up. Her mother, two brothers and baby sister are all lying in pools of blood, as well. She runs screaming to the neighbours, taking the two living brothers with her. When the Ambulances arrive, they have nothing left to do but call time of death on all 5 bodies.

That same night the news break across the world. The blood-thirsty Israelis have done it again. Who could’ve thought they could go this low, these dirty Jews? Killing innocent babies in their sleep! A UN committee is calling for official condemnation of the state of Israel, the US express their complete and utter disappointment, and the news are full of stories and talkbacks about how, once again, Israel has wronged. Israel has nothing to do but to stand in the corner, speechless and shamed, issuing empty words of official apology.

Now imagine that this family was actually a family of Israeli settlers. And the story barely makes it to the world news. On CNN, they doubt the terror of the attack (“Isreali family of 5 killed in ‘terror attack,’ military says” the headline used to say. As if it is so-called. What would you call it, then? I guess someone else’s outrage made them change it). The UN is as quiet as it ever were, no committees or anything. And the talkbacks? They had it coming, those children, for being evil settlers stealing land. Not that the 3-month-old baby knew what that even meant, but she’d grow up to be one of them, too, so clearly she had it coming as well.

You can’t tell me after this that there is no anti-semitism. It may be thinly veiled or sometimes mistaken as anti-Israelism (which isn’t even a word, methinks), but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. It’s right there when the blood of Jewish children killed by Arabs doesn’t cause as much uproar as the blood of Arab children killed by Jews would.

And this, my dears, is exactly why Israel has to be a Jewish country. Because make it anything else, and we’re all dead.

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