I have spent the last several days reading The Bloggess who is awesome and terrifying in all kinds of good ways. She is funny, a little scary, talented and all sorts of crazy. She is the mother of Copernicus the Homicidal Monkey. Also a giant metal chicken.

She kind of makes me wish I were doing some actual blogging instead of just plagiarizing other people’s words (or, as I like to call it – collecting). Also, I suspect she kind of makes me crazier than I already am. I think other people that go to her blog suddenly have their crazy put into perspective (well, sometimes. I think. Maybe not. I don’t know). You know, in a “well, at least I didn’t buy a giant metal chicken for my husband for our anniversary” kind of way. In my case, after spending enough time reading, the monologues in my head (and sometimes the ones that come out of my mouth) just get crazier. Perhaps I should take this as a sign and avoid The Bloggess like the plague, you know, to maintain a reasonable amount of sanity, but this is the woman whose homicidal monkey said “a hug is like a strangle you haven’t finished yet”, you can’t really expect me to stay away.

I’m considering starting a blogroll just so I can put her on it. She is that awesome.

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