From the Other Shore

“I have stopped being angry with life because it does not give what it cannot give – that is all I have managed to achieve”

“Pain distracts, absorbs, comforts… yes, yes, it comforts, and above all, like every occupation, it prevents men from looking into themselves, into life. Pascal said that people play cards in order not to be alone with themselves; we are constantly looking for this card or that – we are even willing to lose, if only we can forget reality. Our life is a constant flight from ourselves, as though we were pursued and frightened by the pangs of conscience. As soon as a man stands on his own feet, he starts to shout, so as not to hear the voices that resound within; when he is sad, he runs in search of entertainment; when he has nothing to do, he invents tasks for himself; in his hatred of solitude he makes friends with everyone, reads everything, takes an interest in the affairs of others, and gets married in no time.”

“…we move through life half-asleep, and die in a fever of nonsense and triviality.”

“You, for instance, expected from life something quite different from what it gave you; instead of appreciating what it has given, you are angry with it.”

— From the Other Shore / Alexander Herzen.

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