The Gap

We live in a world where there is a gap. A huge gap between the lives we wish we lead and the lives we do lead. Some would say it’s an imaginary gap, a conceptual gap, a personal gap that is no longer there when one gets over it, and it may be also that. But I think it’s also a very real gap, the gap reality creates. A reality of debt, rent and the struggle for income, a reality of bureaucracy, visas and borders, a reality of distance and how small it got with the internet, but how very big it still is. It doesn’t make things impossible, this reality, but it makes them that much harder. It kills the passion and sucks out the magic. It turns things, important things, some would say the most important things, irrelevant.

In a world like that there’s nothing left but hope. Because without it, there’s just nothing left.


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