“Is every moment of our lives built into us before we’re born? If it is, does that make us less responsible for the things we do, or is the responsibility built in too? After you hit the ball, do you stand and wait to see if it goes out, or do you start running and let nature take its course? “

“I think when you’re older, what gets hard is that you forget how to take things as they come, and sometimes, the things that do come are more than anyone should have to take. “

“When you’re little, you like to think you know everything, but the last thing you really want is to know too much. What you really want is for grown-ups to make the world a safe place where dreams can come true and promises are never broken. And when you’re little, it doesn’t seem like a lot to ask.”

“People talk a lot as if the most important thing in life, is to always see things for what they really are. But everything we do, every plan we make, is kind of a lie. We’re closing our eyes and pretending that the day won’t ever come when we won’t need to make any more plans. Hope is the biggest lie there is and it is the best. We have to keep going as if it all mattered or else we wouldn’t keep going at all.”

“What makes a man who he is? Is it the worst things he’s ever done? Or the best things he wants to be? When you find yourself in the middle of your life and you’re nowhere near where you were going, how do you find a way from the person you’ve become, to the one you know you could have been?”

— Allie Keys, “Taken”.

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