What would you do, if you knew you’re about to lose your senses?

If you got to choose the last thing you’ll ever smell, taste, hear, see, feel, what would it be?

What would you say, if you knew it was the last time anyone would hear your voice? Who would you say it to?

What song would you play in the background before the silence sets in? An old-time favorite? Something quiet or something loud? Something instrumental or with lyrics?

What will you be eating or drinking before all taste goes away? A cup of tea and whatever it was you planned for dinner, to feel normal, or something special you’ve never had before?

Will you go outside to take in as much of the world before your sight goes away? Will you spend hours looking at the one you love to remember their face when everything else is gone? Will you read as much as you can before the words disappear, or write everything you’ve ever wanted to write, even if no one will ever read it? Will you look at old photographs of how things used to be? Go take new ones in case someone, sometime, will be able to see them?

Whose hand will you hold in the darkness, the silence, the tasteless, scentless world, to know that you are not alone?

…perhaps watching “Perfect Sense” was not such a good idea…


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