Came across this post earlier today.

Reading it evoked many emotions – a lot of anger, a good measure of disgust, some shock at how people manage to distort things to fit their own reality, but most of all, it made me afraid.

It made me afraid to live in a world where there will be no Jewish state. The Jewish state, this little country that creates so much controversy among people who have no business putting their nose in our business, is what stands between me and people who go to this sort of discussions and events. People who use half-assed ideologies that fit their current cause to compensate for their lack of ideas. People who don’t let the facts confuse them and stick to their half-truths, distorted information and black-and-white view of the world. Because it’s a lot easier to have the good guys and the bad guys, than to understand that we’re all just shades of grey. People who support those who would happily kill me, my family, my friends. People who justify killing babies because at least it’s one less future settler. People who would probably kill me themselves.

And maybe some of those people can actually tell the difference between Israeli policy and the Jewish state, so kudos to them.

But the others, they support those who wish us wiped off the face of the earth, those who say “Itbah al-Yahud” (“butcher the Jews”, not “end the occupation” or some such) before they explode on a bus. The ones who want to take this little piece of land we call our own, all of it, and have us marched into the sea in the process. The ones who call Jews a “cancer”.

Ran out of wind while writing this, as often happens. Although it feels like I should say more, and I’m sure I’ll come up with more things to say later (but will be too lazy to put them here). The bright side of things is that my little cancer state is still here. Bring sunscreen if you’re coming over.


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