I went to the woods

I went to the woods to escape society. To find quiet and peace, to see what the world was meant to be. I went to the woods to breathe easy, and to discover with wonder that a bed of flowers in the chilled shadow makes a fragrance better than any bottled perfume. I went to the woods to search for mushrooms, flowers, squirrels, birds – everything new and exciting. I went to the woods to remember, and I went to the woods to forget.

Into the woods

And while I went to the woods, I also went up hills. I did that for much the same reasons – to escape, to remember, to forget. But I also went up the hills because I could. To see that I could. To prove that I could – to myself, if no one else. I went up the hill and ran out of breath, but the air was crisp and clean, and somehow it wasn’t so bad. And then I reached the top, and the world started making sense again.

The world made sense there

That’s what it’s all about. Go to the woods. Go up the hill. Reach the top, take a breath and see the world around you stretching as far as the eye can see.

I missed this more than I thought. The trees, the wet smell of the ground, the trail curving upwards, the challenge, even the breathlessness. But most of all I’ve missed the satisfaction of reaching the top, taking a breath, and realizing I’ve made it.

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