Took a day trip in the Scottish Highlands. Lots of green, lots of pretty, lots of space and air and nature. Lots of everything I love in life, apparently.

Realized I’m not as addicted to the internet as it seemed, because during the whole day, the only time I actually wished for WiFi was when we were stuck in traffic heading back, and the scenery stopped moving.

Music and scenery (moving or otherwise, but somehow the motion makes it better) is what I need. I would spend my life moving through scenery with music, and I would be happy. Happier with someone to share it with, but happy nonetheless.

Realized I don’t understand how people can prefer to live in a city. How waking up to concrete and noise and traffic and lights is better than waking up to fresh air and green and flowers and sheep.

I miss my life in the country (see: “for those of us well versed in the art of loving what is lost, it’s an easy leap to missing something that was never really there”).

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