I find myself, over and over again, writing crap poetry at bedtime. I’ve gathered quite the collection of my horrible creations. Behold. Actually, it’s probably best if you don’t.

I hate the dreams that haunt me when I wake
that cling to days with giant claws
that hold so tight I try, but cannot shake
that stay to make my torment slow.

I hate the dreams that haunt me when I wake
that break the pieces of my heart
that shatter every plan I make
that tear the promise of a day apart.

There’s you,
a memory I claim is true
a voice, a smell, a touch
there’s me,
alone as ever I’ll be
yet I’m not asking for much

Borrowed words
Borrowed thoughts
Borrowed time
But the feelings?
All mine.

A whirlpool of words
some are wrong, some are right,
to put them together
may just take the whole night,
and then watch them fail
and collapse with such violence –
I wanted to speak
yet there’s nothing but silence.

The magic nights go by so fast
a breath, a blink, they’re gone,
while static days just never end
a break, a pause – there’s none.

With tips of frozen fingers
that bring echoes of last breaths,
I trace the path I chose to walk
and wish for no regrets.

Between my future and past
between my first and my last
between I won’t and I must –
there’s you.

Between the truth and a lie
between what I accept and
what I deny
between my heart and my mind –
there’s you.

Famous last words etched in my mind
turning me dumb, making me blind.
famous last words that I did not forget –
“to me, you will always be perfect”.

A whirlpool of words
But none stays to linger,
I reach for your hand
But catch not a finger.

The night is alive,
Shadows curling and twisting,
Closing around you
Breath after breath.
The night is alive,
Voices screaming or whispering,
The night isn’t silent
For silence is death.

I forged my own cage,
I lost my own battles,
I built my own prison
And lost the whole war.
I threw out the keys
And watched as they shattered,
On hopes and dreams
I don’t have anymore.

A memory, a whisper
a touch without a sound
a glance, a smile
and I’m up on a cloud.

A memory, a whisper
don’t mean the same to you
a glance and silence
there’s nothing I can do.

Sometimes it’s easy to stop it,
sometimes I just can’t get enough –
I forgave you for not loving,
so forgive me for my love.

Make a wish upon a wall
Don’t ask for too much
You can’t have it all.
Make a wish upon a wall
Nothing too big, nothing too small.
Make a wish upon a wall
Or climb high on top
Take a step – and fall.

and if you’ve read it this far, I hope you had a good laugh.


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