You, who crashed in like a storm, sweeping me up, tossing me down,
You, who left a mess of smoke and aftershave
everywhere I turned around.

You, who rained words with such force that I couldn’t see straight,
You, whose drizzles of truth I could only make out
when it was too late.

You, who raged through my life, throwing it off its course,
You, who quieted down and gone away,
only to come back with full force.

It’s you who sucked me into your whirpool,
and I held on, I couldn’t let go,
It’s you who spat me out like a leaf
to fall wherever the wind may blow.

Now it’s you whose life is on track,
Whose plans follow through,
It’s you who’s doing alright
While I just make do.

And you, who I’ve loved every day, every hour,
And you, who I hope love and are loved
Should feel a pang of regret
For what you so easily gave up.

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